Bang Bang Movie review

An official remake of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz’s ‘Knight & Day’, Bang Bang is again a film made only for Hrithik Roshan just like his other movies. Hrithik is looking as usual charming, specially his dance, green eyes and attractive physique. And if you don’t compare him with Tom Cruise, then the dialogue delivery and fighting scenes are also worth appreciating. And if you are a Katrina Kaif fan, then you would love her innocence and beauty too.

Let’s come to the story now, which starts with the slip away of the main villain Omar (Danny) from the so called super security of Indian army Jail after killing Nanda (Jimmi Shergil). Omar decided to make an Indian rob the Kohinoor Diamond from England to stop the anti-terrorist treaty between England and India.

Bang bang movie review  Hrithik

Rajveer (Hrithik), a brilliant international jewel thief, robbed the Kohinoor and the dealing was set in Kashmir. Hamid Gul (Javed Jaffrey), the junior villain send his bad boys to take away the Kohinoor and kill Rajveer. The deal did not work and Rajveer ran away after a little fight on the roofs of the small, packed houses.

Then he slipped into a restaurant and here came Harleen (Katrina), a bank receptionist, living a boring life with her grandmaa. She updated her profile on a dating site and went to meet Vickey but coincidently met Rajveer there. Rajveer got stunned with her beauty and the love story began with a beautiful song.

The cops and the baddies saw Harleen with Rajveer and Rajveer saved her from being caught by them. And the story moves on with some illogical facts that can never happen, but as we know Indian movies are Indian Movies. The story moves on with fight, love story and a happy ending as usual. If you will go to watch the movie to find some logic there, then you will be disappointed. Still the blaring music, slow-motion fights and endless chases will keep you stick to the seats.


For me, it’s a paisa wasool movie with good casting, awestruck locations, lovely music and Flyboard water jetpack & Formula One racing car on the roads of Abu Dhabhi in action sequences that has been seen for the first time in Indian movies. 3 stars for the movie & the stuff & 1 for Hrithik, total 4 out of 5 stars.


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