Being Selfish sometimes is not bad

“Sometimes you have to be selfish to be selfless.” — Edward Albert

I have always noted people saying that they dedicated all their lives for their children, parents or spouse and in return did not get what they deserve. They have been so selfless that they give up on their own hobbies, carrier or other choices just to accommodate in their present situation. If they would not have done so, they would have ruined their family or society would have cursed them or their family for their deeds.

This is because, in the society we live, people always promote the idea that being selfless is the true meaning of being a good human. And, actually, in doing so, you often cost your own wealth, welfare and above all- your happiness.

So, in my opinion, being a little selfish is not too bad. You don’t need to be a Hitler personality for that. After all you are also a human being and can give some priority to yourself too. So that in your 50’s or 60’s, you won’t be saying that I am sad coz I could not lead my life my way. Read below and think a little while….

Who is responsible for your happiness?Being Selfish sometimes is not bad

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