Our One Month Anniversary

Today marks the one month anniversary of my marriage to the love of my life. Between the amazing wedding and post wedding settlement, the month came and went with a wing on it. This one month was both challenging and fascinating for both of us as we started a new life together, trying to make the other more comfortable, cooking together, enjoying being lazy, going on dates and so on. This is the time when we got our first chance to know each other quiet closely, our likes- dislikes, our similarities as well as our dissimilarities.

No doubt when you start a new life there comes a lot of challenges but one thing that is the most important is your understanding with your spouse…that comes gradually for sure and ours is not that strong yet. People say that they are deep in love with their partner and then months (and even years) go by, and you start reading the many articles that tell you about the 7 year itch and all the challenges that will come your way after the love gets buried under the children and you find yourselves two very tired and overworked people who used to be in love. But the truth for me is that I don’t think years of marriage has anything to do with a feeling that we  fall out of love.  I just think we forget to remember the small things, which in the end add up to be the daily things that turn days into months, years and a lifetime together.

For me, when my spouse do little things for me, it is the most important moment, whether he steals some of his working hours for me or he cook for me or with me or we go on a long ride together. I think it is important to notice these moments and the ways in which the person you chose to spend your life with shows up for you each and every day.

When you take the time to do this, I do believe you will be more willing and able to forgive this person when they upset you or make a decision that you do not like.  It is about remembering what is good in your life and in this person.


Today at our one month anniversary, I want to tell MY MAN that I am so happy that we decided to be with each other. I want to tell you that I could not be more grateful or happy than this. I thought that our Wedding day would be the best day of my life, but I was wrong…….with you by my side, its Every Day. The way you take care of every small thing that I need, the way you express your love (rarely 🙂 ), the struggle you do for me being in that stable good mood, that all is incredible and loving. Thanks for being in my life and being so generous, kind and understanding. It is just a month since we have got married, but it feels like I have been with you for a lifetime. Last but not the least, I will not say that I am ever gonna change, you have to bear me as it is, as long as the life allow us to be together 😛

Many people out there could think it a stupid idea or some show off but I think that no victory is ever too small to celebrate. This is ours and I wish these small things always remain there between us that we can cherish and make our lives a big happy one with these small moments.

And for all reading this, wherever you are and whatever you are doing with your spouse, I hope you all have those small but rich, cherishing moments that allow you to remember why you chose this person in the first place.