Celebrate this Diwali with a difference

The Diwali has its own charm and brings joy to everyone for many a reasons. No doubt that Diwali is a very popular festival in India. We all celebrate Diwali with our family members, lit diyas, have lots of rich food and sweets, gamble, fire crackers, and all joy. But there is a harsh side on this festival too. The labourers working in the firework factories work in a terrible condition that is beyond ones thought. They could only get enough to maintain their livelihood and nothing much. We all celebrate and have fun and there are lots of people that starve for a proper meal that day and other days too. Considering them, we must be grateful for whatever we have in our lives.

celebrate Diwali

So why don’t we celebrate this Diwali with a little difference and good spirit. Bring a little change in your routine ways celebration and witness the difference.

Personally wish your near & dear ones

Most of us stick to texting these days and save phone calls. This time personally call your friends and natives and wish them. When we talk, we feel a deep sense of bonding which give them a feeling of happiness and to us, satisfaction.

Be a good listeners

Many of us live apart from our families for studies or job and get only some occasions on which we meet our family. And even when we are there to celebrate, we have a long ‘to do’ list for our vacations. Keep that list aside, totally forgetting to meet any outer person. Give your full time to your family this time. Talk to them, share your feelings and some funny incident with them so that they feel connected. When you open up with them, they also get the courage to talk out their hearts to you. This will make them feel good and their Diwali will be happier than they would have though.

Do some Charity

We all spend a lot of money on the festival for crackers and other stuff. Unfortunately, for some peoples and kids, celebrating the occasions remain to be a long distant dream. Celebrate Diwali with the less fortunate ones, spending some good time and bringing a difference in their lives.

Spare some money from your budget and donate something to the needy. Charity always gives a feeling of being contented. Give away sweets, clothes, crackers, food and other items to the needy. Involve your family, especially kids in this process and tell them the joy and importance of giving.

Stop finding faults and find something to be grateful for

Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” We always find fault in the way the society and the family goes on. Like, in the daily chores, we keep on finding faults in the ways the work has been done. Stop doing that right away. If you think the ways is wrong try doing it by yourself. Try to help in cleaning the home or decorations of Diwali. Keep calm even if you feel angry. Appreciate your mother or wife or sister for their work. Try making them feel connected to you.

Make this Diwali remember able one for you and for others too. Happiness is nothing but the satisfaction of your heart. Feel it this time and you will love to do it again and again.